Who We Are

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Our Mission: to ensure and enhance the quality of life for boys and girls of our community and its surrounding area, with special concern given to those who need us most.

Our Vision:   Young people will awaken a sense of possibility for their lives at the Club. We see in our youth, future generations that have the desire and capacity to transform their communities!

PAL offers educational, recreational, arts and technological programs as well as providing a home away from home for youth. We strive to help all youth reach their fullest potential. The end is realized by providing a safe environment in which to play learn and grow under the guidance of caring adult professionals acting as positive role models and mentors, utilizing services of volunteers who offer supplemental support.

We are focused on giving every child the opportunity to participate in everyday childhood activities in a safe and caring environment. We do this through a number of programs. Our goal is to provide diversity in our programs in order to reach the greatest number of young people.

We also strive to foster a partnership between the youth and the police officers in the community. This in and of itself is a tremendous asset to our community. Whenever you have young people in the community playing and working with police officers, the community will benefit.

PAL is a non-profit organization that offers children in Chapter the opportunity to participate in youth athletics and activities. The goal of the PAL program is for every member to get the most out of his/her experience by having fun, developing sound skills and working within a team-oriented culture that fosters a positive attitude, while helping them constantly challenge themselves to achieve, improve, progress and learn. Each person that joins the PAL accepts the commitment to become the best that they can possibly be.

An Exciting Transition from Boys & Girls Club to PAL of Massena

In November 2019, we were excited to announce a new partnership with the Police Athletic / Activities League, or PAL for short. The mission, vision and values of the programming that will be made available to our community through this new affiliation will offer even greater opportunities to the kids we serve and the community as a whole.

The transition to our affiliation with PAL means very little change from how we operated as the Boys & Girls Club of Massena. It’s the same caring professionals, same hours of operation, same membership structure and rates. Much of the programming stays the same, supplemented by additional, improved content and a new partnership with the Massena Police Department.

We do also want to explain why we did not continue to pursue a formal charter with the Boys & Girls Club of America. After six years and a tremendous amount of effort and local support, we were advised the Boys & Girls Club of America changed how they choose to charter new clubs. They now require becoming an affiliate of an existing club. Unfortunately, our attempts to secure such an affiliation under the Boys & Girls Clubs in Akwesasne or Ogdensburg were unsuccessful.

So, on to bigger and better opportunities!

  • What will change? The answer is: not much! In place of BGCM, you’ll see our fresh, new name: Police Activities League of Massena, Inc. (Massena PAL)
  • You’ll see our new name and brand at our Clubhouse and online.
  • New Resources, Programs, Training and Tools for the staff working with your kids
  • Additional partnerships and programs with our local PD, building positive relationships

Our directors and community are incredibly proud of what this program has been able to accomplish and the impact it has had on Massena youth since our origination in 2013. We look forward to continuing to work hard every day, under a new organization to grow and improve our program to better serve our kids.

We provide children with a positive place to go, results-oriented programming and a professional staff to guide them. Club programs are delivered at our Club located at 30 Bayley Road after school until 6:30 PM on days that school is in session.

A private, nonprofit organization, PAL of Massena improves young lives as well as the communities that surround and support us. The organization’s success in serving those who need us depends upon the gracious support of private, corporate, individual and United Way funding to fill the gap between membership dues and operational expenses.

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