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A safe, affordable place for kids to go when they are not in school, with enriching programs and caring adults.

We believe that our Members have the potential to BE AMAZING and we’re here to help make that possible each and every day. We want our Members to be prepared to make an impact in the world.

We provide a safe place that our members can call their own, caring youth professionals and positive law enforcement interactions to guide them, and thoughtfully designed activities to help them reach their full potential.

  • Safe, Positive Environment: Club staff, facilities, programs and age-appropriate settings create stability, consistency and a sense of physical and emotional safety for members.
  • Fun: Club is fun for members.  They develop a strong sense of belonging through connections they establish with staff, volunteers, law enforcement officers and peers.
  • Supportive Relationships: Club youth develop meaningful relationships with adults and their peers.
  • Opportunities and Expectations: Club youth acquire physical, social, technological, artistic and life skills.  Our Club encourages members to develop moral character, behave ethically, do well in school and plan for their career goals.
  • Recognition: We recognize and support young people’s self-worth and accomplishments.

Thank you for wanting to join PAL of Massena. Our staff will do our very best every day for your children.

Membership Forms

For additional information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

After you review the Member & Parent Orientation Handbook that appears below, enroll your child in PAL of Massena by following these instructions:

1.) Click the following link:

2.) Create a PAL Registration Account

3.) Add members/participants

4.) Complete each participant information form in full (current members must review and update information as needed)

5.) Submit Participant Form online

6.) Process $10 Annual membership fee for each membership registration

If you have any questions regarding registration, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

To ride the bus from your school to Club, you’ll need to complete and submit the MCSD Bus Transportation Form available at your School’s Office.

To submit membership registration in person or by mail:

  1. Print out and complete the Membership form listed above
  2. Then, after reviewing the contents, print out and sign the form at the end of the Member-Parent Handbook.
  3. Bring or mail the above to the Club, 30 Bailey Road, Massena NY 13662 with your $10 per child annual membership fee on or before the first day your child attends Club.
  4. Complete MCSD Bus Transportation Form, return this to your child’s school office.

Thank you for allowing us to provide programs and opportunities to your child at the Club this school year!

We will work with your child on improving and maintaining their grades, encouraging them to remain active and make healthy choices as well as provide leadership and cultural arts opportunities for them to take part in.

Throughout the school year,  youth will be separated by age groups and will rotate through the various program areas to include Education & Career Development, The Arts, Character & Leadership Development and Sports, Fitness and Recreation!  Helping kids become successful academically and socially is a team effort and we are proud to be part of that team!

Our goals are simple and quantifiable: at the end of the school year, for kids that attend Club at least 2 times per week:

  • 100% will graduate or advance to the next grade
  • 85% will maintain or achieve a “B” average or higher (80 or above)
  • 85% will pass all core STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Math, Reading, Writing)

In order to achieve these goals, we’re going to need your support as their parent with help in making sure assignments are completed. We’ll make sure they have high-yield learning activities, consistent tutoring and a staff that will help ensure academic success.

We will request your permission to work with your child’s teacher, to gain access to their syllabus; and, we’ll ask for copies of their report cards and progress reports each 6 weeks so we can understand where they need our support so we can focus on those areas throughout the school year.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child this school year! Please read through the Full Handbook, then sign the back page to indicate your understanding and agreement to the rules and policies of PAL of Massena.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, voice concerns and GET INVOLVED with your PAL!

Member & Parent Orientation Handbook

Annual Membership 
Memberships are renewed annually, starting at the beginning of the school year and ending at the end of June. So, even if your child was a member last school year, you will need to sign them up for the new school year in order for the to attend the Club.

Member Pick-up
In order to help insure the safety of our members, we ask that:

  • You provide us with the names of anyone who you may designate to pick your child up. If someone other than a parent or person indicated on the Membership Application is going to pick your child up, you need to notify the Club Staff at 315-705-6075 as far in advance of the pickup time as possible.
  • Please do not call and ask for staff to send your child to the door when you are ready to pick him or her up.
  • You must come in to sign your child out. If they don’t see you, let the staff call your child to the front desk. Don’t go past the desk to get them yourself. We appreciate it may mean a few minutes waiting, but helps us insure the safety of our kids.

Club Schedule & Closures
The first day of Club in 2020 will be Wednesday, September 23rd! The Club follows the Massena Central School Calendar and is open after school, until 6:00 PM, Tuesday-Friday. (Mondays Reserved for Remote-Learning)

Special Friday Programs, when scheduled: 7 PM to 9 PM
Saturday: Special Events Only

You can reach our staff during office hours, from 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday – Friday, during the school year; and, during the summer, from 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday – Thursday.

Holiday Closures: Follow us on Facebook for monthly schedules and announcements

Please note, PAL distributes notifications on club issues, status, changes, emergencies and all other pertinent information to our parents via flyers and memos. We also post notices on the front door and ask that you review the information when picking up your child. If you have an active email address that you regularly check, please make sure you provide it with your contact information on the membership application.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

In the event that a parent has a grievance or complaint, contact the Executive Director via email, or phone to express your concerns, questions or thoughts at the office at 315-705-6075 or email If you would like to speak in person, conference times can be scheduled Mon. through Thursday.

If your complaint is related to the executive director, please submit a letter in a sealed envelope, label the outside “confidential”, to the attention of Tim Lashomb, PAL of Massena Board President. Letters can be delivered to the Club or mailed to: PAL, PO Box 564, Massena, NY 13662.

Membership Fees
Membership is available to any boy or girl between the grades of 2-12, at a yearly fee of $10.00.  Annual memberships are valid from September 1st until June 31st.

Membership fees are non-refundable in full or in part. Additional fees may be assessed for Summer Camp.

Fees must be paid with the submission of the membership application and all required paperwork. Fees are due regardless of the number of days she or he participates in the program.

Massena Central School District provides transportation to the Club after school from the following schools in the district:  Madison, Nightengale Elementary, J.W. Leary Junior High School and Massena Central High School. A completed MCSD Transportation Form must be filled out and returned to the member’s school office before being allowed to take the bus to Club.

Parents of members that attend Jefferson Elementary school can choose to have their child walk to the clubhouse with two staff every day, or otherwise give written permission for the member to walk to Club by themselves.

PAL of Massena is NOT responsible for the transportation of your child to and from Club.

All questions in regard to the pick-up and delivery of your child should be directed to Zachary Monroe at 315-705-6075.

Membership Card
All members are issued a membership card upon completion of the Parent/Member Orientation Meeting and submission of an executed Parent/Member Orientation Manual signature page.

Members must have their membership cards with them when they attend the Club.

If you lose your card, a replacement is available for $5.

Requiring cards at The Club serves several purposes: Meeting responsibility, control of who is entering (safety), control of who checks out and returns games, equipment, and statistical data electronically being registered and “special” privileges of memberships.

Open Door Policy
Members should only be at the Club and its property during hours of operation. The “Open Door” policy means a member may enter or depart the building when the Club is open; however, he or she must sign out at the front desk.

It is the parent’s responsibility to tell the child she or he cannot leave the Club. PAL of Massena is NOT a licensed daycare facility operated or governed by the State of New York. We try to make every effort to contact parents when a child requests to leave the Club, however it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the PAL’s Administrative Offices if your child is allowed to leave at will or with another youth.

Inclement Weather
The Club will notify parents through the local media’s notices of cancellations by 7 AM if it will be closed due to inclement weather. We will also post updates on our Facebook page, so please, make sure you like and follow our page.  And, you can call to confirm a schedule change. Rule of thumb: if the school district closes, the Club will be CLOSED as well.

Volunteer Opportunity
There are a number of ways to get involved as a volunteer. If you have a hobby, talent or interest that you would like to share, or if you would like to run a program, please let Rebecca Biers or Zachary Monroe know. All volunteers must pass a federal and State background check. Pick up a Volunteer Application at the Club.

Drugs & Alcohol
This policy applies to any person who is on Club property. It shall be a violation for any person to possess or attempt to possess, sell, or purchase or attempt to sell or purchase or attempt to distribute an alcoholic beverage or illegal drug. Violating this policy will result in immediate expulsion from the Club and/or termination from employment.

This policy also applies to parents, guardians and/or siblings of members. Any drug or alcohol related activity on Club property will result in the member’s expulsion and/or employee termination. All incidents are to be reported immediately to PAL’s Administrative Office.

Tobacco Products
Use of any tobacco products on Club property is prohibited. This applies to members, employees, and any visitors on Club property, including parents or their designees who are dropping off or picking up members. Prohibited tobacco includes but is not limited to, cigarettes, E-cigarettes, cigars, dips, or chews. Non-Club members that violate this policy will be asked to leave the grounds immediately. Members found in violation face permanent expulsion from the Club.

Communicable Diseases
Members who have or are suspected of having an infectious or communicable disease (TB, lice, hepatitis, ringworm, etc.) are not allowed to attend the Club and will be asked to leave the Club property immediately when discovered. Members will only be allowed to return when a written doctor’s statement is provided.

Dress Code
The Club adheres to the dress code policies of MCSD, which states dress, grooming and appearance, including hair style/color, jewelry, make-up and nails, shall:
a) Be safe, appropriate and not disrupt or interfere with the [educational] program.
b) Recognize that extremely brief or see-through garments are not appropriate.
c) Ensure that underwear is completely covered with outer clothing.
d) Include footwear at all times. Footwear that is a safety hazard will not be allowed.
e) Not include items that are vulgar, obscene, or libelous or denigrate others on account of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, age, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or use of a recognized guide dog, hearing dog or service dog, gender or disability.
f) Not promote and/or endorse the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs and/or encourage other illegal or violent activities [including anything that may be viewed as gang-related].
g) Shorts or skirts above mid-thigh length.
h) Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, midriff shirts.

Field Trip Attire
All members must purchase a Club t-shirt for $10.00 in order to participate in Field Trips. No member will be allowed to leave the PAL Campus without wearing a Club shirt. Field Trips will be advertised on the monthly Club calendar and notification of special field trips will be provided 1 week in advance.

Member Behavior
In an effort to provide an environment that is free from conflict, distraction, intimidation, or various other influences that result from a member’s misbehavior, the following conduct is prohibited while on Club property:

  • Disregard of direction or command of authorized personnel. All Staff are identified by a Staff T-shirt and Lanyard per program area or Club logo apparel.
  • Disruption and/or interference with the normal and orderly conduct of the Club.
  • Behavior that involves indecent and/or immoral acts.
  • Wagering or any form of gambling.
  • Physical abuse or assault to an employee, member, or any individual.
  • Possession of weapon or any object that can be considered a dangerous instrument.
  • Using, selling or attempting to sell any alcoholic beverage or illegal drug. (See Drugs and Alcohol)
  • Destruction of or attempting to destroy Club property, or the Property of other individual. (Repair or replacement cost may be charged to the parent).
  • Use of profanity, vulgar or obscene language and gestures.
  • Bullying of any form either while on Club property or reported by other members as a result of cyber-bullying or other methods.
  • Extortion, coercion, bullying, blackmail or forcing another member or person to act against his or her own will.
  • Engaging in verbal abuse such as name calling, ethnic, or racial slurs, and using derogatory statements to other members, personnel or other individuals.

Member Suspension
The Executive Director of the Club may suspend any member whose conduct warrants it. The parent or legal guardian will be contacted immediately when that member is suspended and will have an opportunity to discuss the member’s behavior with the proper staff.

Search and Interrogation
PAL of Massena respects the rights of member’s privacy and security against arbitrary invasion of their person or property. However, the nature of The Club’s business makes it necessary to reserve the right for staff to search for weapons, contraband, and other harmful things when adequate suspicion is brought to our attention. We will make every effort to contact a parent/guardian to inform you of the situation and prior to interrogation by law enforcement authorities should we need their assistance.

Minor and Major Misconduct
A written record will be kept each time a member is in violation.

Minor Misconduct:
In case of misconduct of minor nature staff will take the following actions:

  • Stop the action
  • Remind the member of Club rules
  • Verbally warn the member of the danger of having his/her privileges taken away
  • Redirection
  • Written reprimand

Should a minor violation consistently re-occur during the day, suspension could be enforced.

Minor Violations:

  • Failure to follow Club Staff’s verbal instruction
  • Minor harassment of members and guests
  • Profanity
  • Defiance of Staff
  • Leaving without notifying staff
  • Excessive arguing

Major Misconduct:
In the case of major misconduct, the member will be notified that he/she is suspended. Should the incident be in violation of the law and city ordinance or endanger the safety of another member, a parent will be notified ASAP and will be asked to come and remove the child. A written report will be submitted to the Executive Director and President, with parent input and signature. Failure to sign will result in termination of membership and/or privileges.

Major Violations:
1. Fighting with other members
2. Striking a staff member in any way
3. Excessive Profanity
4. Vandalism or abuse to building, property, or equipment
5. Theft
6. Possession of weapons
7. Bullying or harassment of another member
8. Being in unauthorized area of building
9. Excessive arguing
10. Conduct unbecoming a young man or lady
11. Anything in the form of Sexual misconduct

Suspension/Expulsion Actions:
1. Major Violation: *Minimum of 1-week suspension
2. Major Violations: *Minimum of 1-month suspension
3. Major Violations: Permanent expulsion from the Club

*When returning, the member will be seen by a senior staff member for consultation; may include probationary period of time. The Club reserves the right to establish rules in addition to those appearing in this manual and discipline those who violate the rules. Discipline may include timeout, removal from a program area, suspension and/or

Any of these disciplinary actions may occur on the first offense or any subsequent offense depending upon the nature of the situation and the age and the maturity of the member involved. Each member shall be informed of the offense and shall be afforded an opportunity to explain their behavior before disciplinary action is taken. All disciplinary action will be documented and approved by the Director.

These rules and regulations shall govern all members attending PAL of Massena, sponsored activities, on-campus and off campus .