Massena PAL Awarded $1,500,000 for Partnerships for Success Project


The Police Activities League of Massena has been awarded $1,500,000 from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration to complete a five year “Partnerships for Success” project funded under the Strategic Prevention Framework funding opportunity.

The Partnerships for Success Project is set to collaborate with the Massena Central School District, Massena Drug Free Coalition and the Seaway Valley Prevention center to achieve a set of strategic goals to identify at-risk youth in grades 4-12 and offer out of school interactive learning activities to prepare them to make healthy choices and resist peer influence. Collaborating with community partners, Massena PAL will train its staff and local school personnel using Evidence based programming to increase its efforts towards substance abuse prevention.

Massena PAL has established a set of clear and strategic goals which will be accomplished over the course of the next five years.

1.) to reduce alcohol, marijuana and cannabis product and e-cigarette use among Massena youth, by addressing behaviors that may lead to the initiation of use;

2.) to increase the capacity of community-level and school personnel to reduce youth high-risk behaviors that may contribute to the onset and progression of substance use; and,

3.) to increase the capacity of the organization, school district and community partners to reduce high risk behaviors of youth that may contribute to the initiation and progression of substance abuse.

This is a great opportunity for not only our organization and PAL Youth, but for the Massena community as a whole. This project allows us to expand the reach of our program to additional youth, during a time when it’s needed the most, launched in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our staff is focused on improving the lives of our PAL youth, and when they do that, we make Massena a better place to live. This grant fits perfectly into that mission and we are anxious to expand our programming to address these serious issues.

Contact us to learn how you can support Massena PAL’s efforts.


Village of Massena Police Department raises money for Massena PAL

The Village of Massena Police Department recently presented us with a check for $640. The money was raised by all the guys in the department who paid in weekly contributions which in return allowed them to grow a beard during their time on duty! We’re thankful to have formed a great partnership with them, and are able to help support the community policing initiative for our youth.

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Boys & Girls Club of Massena Announces exciting new Affiliation

Thank you for allowing us to provide positive programs, professional staff and an outstanding place for boys & girls at our Club this school year and for more than 300 kids over the last five years!

Our organization has been undergoing some exciting changes that will allow us to better serve the kids of our community.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Police Athletic / Activities League, or PAL for short. The mission, vision and values of the programming that will be made available to our community through this new affiliation will offer even greater opportunities to the kids we serve and the community as a whole.

It’s important for you to know that very little will change. It’ll be the same caring professionals, same hours of operation, same membership structure and rates. Much of the programming will stay the same, supplemented by additional, improved content and a new partnership with the Massena Police Department.

We do also want to explain why we are not continuing to pursue a formal charter with the Boys & Girls Club of America. After six years and a tremendous amount of effort and local support, we were advised the Boys & Girls Club of America has changed how they choose to charter new clubs. They now require becoming an affiliate of an existing club. Unfortunately, our attempts to secure such an affiliation under the Boys & Girls Clubs in Akwesasne or Ogdensburg were unsuccessful.

So, on to bigger and better opportunities!

  • What will change? The answer is: not much! In place of BGCM, you’ll see our fresh, new name: Police Activities League of Massena, Inc. (Massena PAL)
  • You’ll see our new name and brand at our Clubhouse and online.
  • New Resources, Programs, Training and Tools for the staff working with your kids
  • Additional partnerships and programs with our local PD, building positive relationships

Our directors and community are incredibly proud of what this program has been able to accomplish and the impact it has had on Massena youth since our origination in 2013. We look forward to continuing to work hard every day, under a new organization to grow and improve our program to better serve our kids.

We welcome your questions and will gladly share details on the great work we continue to do.

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